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Governance of

Third Future Schools

Third Future Schools is the parent network for Coperni 3 and its sister schools, Coperni 2 in Colorado Springs, CO, and Academy of Advanced Learning in Aurora, CO. We are the only charter school network to be governed by not only a board of directors but also by a council, who helps oversee the decisions of the board and the CEO. 

The Board

Jennifer Sward Miller, President

Kimberly Sanchez-Cawthorn, Vice president

Patrick Mills, Secretary/Treasurer

Mary Lindimore, Director

Rachel Ngola-Trice, Director

The Council

Dwight Jones, President

Tammy Clementi, Vice President

Jeani Frickey-Saito, Secretary/Treasurer

Scott Laband, Council Member

Dale Chu, COuncil Member


Mike Miles, CEO

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